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Flexible Display Options

Posted: March 12th, 2012

ATC training facilities have varying requirements in terms of the fidelity of their simulation systems. These requirements evolve not only from curriculum goals, but also from marketing concerns … a high-fidelity training lab can help attract students looking for cutting-edge simulation.

How does one define “high-fidelity” in this context? Does a sim lab need to have a full 360 degree wrap-around tower visuals in order to claim high-fidelity? I am of the opinion that fidelity in the ATC training lab refers more to the degree of accuracy with which different situations can be simulated. The visuals are certainly important, especially for tower training, but I think the size and scale of the visuals serve just as much as a marketing draw as they do for immersion level, if not more so.

It is for this reason that Metacraft offers the SimCab solution with display options ranging from a single desktop monitor, up to full 360 degree wrap-around projection systems. The customer can choose the right amount of “wow factor” for their budget, and high-fidelity simulation capabilities are there regardless of the display system choice.

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